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This generator can help you create a unique tribe and its settlement for any primeval world. It includes d6 tables that can be used for making a nomadic tribe or a permanent village with uncommon resources, landmarks, foods, traditions, social structures and quest opportunities for the players.

It is highly flexible and can be used during play if the party wandered somewhere yet undetermined, and you need a quick and solid foundation for your creativity. Referees and worldbuilders might find inspiration for their work here.

Created for 2022 Primal Jam


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Primal Quest Village Generator v1.2.pdf 7 MB


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Hello! We would like to translate this for the Spanish edition of Primal Quest. Us goal is translated something stuff of primal quest english community into spanish. Would you be interested in making it available for free to the Spanish-speaking public?

Go for it, you got my premission.